We know that when it comes to construction, making renovations, pulling permits, or getting commercial projects executed properly, it can be pretty confusing. We have started to create this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help our clients make the right decisions.


What is required to start the project?

We need the quote and contract signed before we start any job. Our quotes have expiration dates, and our time frames can change if not signed on time.


Are your contractors insured?

Every one of our contractors has been thoroughly checked out, and has a minimum insurance of $2,000,000. We make sure our contractors represent our company by having all the required insurances in place.


Who will supervise and organize the construction project?

We will hand pick one of our very qualified contractors, who will either manage it on a weekly basis or appoint a lead to manage it on the day to day operations. The backend support will be run through our main office in Pompano Beach.


What is the time frame to complete a job?

The time frames vary based on when the homeowner or commercial client can start the job, when the building materials are available, time to pull permits, or any other required processes need to be completed before starting.


Typically it takes about one to two week’s to finish most jobs.


When our contractor creates the estimate of the project, we will add in the time for permits, acquiring the material, and labor time needed to complete the project. The estimated time to complete the job will be included in the quotation.


Is a permit required?

We check with all local laws and requirements, before we start any project. If the permit is required, we abide by all local laws, and we highly recommend not cutting corners when it comes to permits. If the permit is required, we make sure it is properly filed so it does not create issues later.