We can file and track the permits for you!


Filing permits takes time so let us get that completed for you.  We can file your requested permits with that needed city or county for your project.  This saves time for your contractor or engineer so that they can focus on other items that are needed to be completed.


With out the proper permit, the city can require you to disassemble the work and have it go through the proper approval process. If the city still does not approve it, they can require the work to be undone and restored to the original state. Any changes not properly permitted can lead to huge headaches if the property is sold under the assumption that it was properly done.


Our company makes sure all work is properly permitted and that the permit process is properly documented. We assist many construction companies currently with our permit service. We file permits for companies starting at $150. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you or your company.


Here are some of the projects that we assist on for permits currently. If you are completing any work in these areas, let our experts file the proper permits and allow you to continue to do the work.



– Offices

– Manufacturing plants

– Warehouses

– Stores


Accessory Permits:

– Pools

– Screened Enclosures

– Porches

– Permanent Generators

– Sheds

– Window and or door replacement

–  Air Conditioning

– Docks

– Fencing

– Screened Enclosures

– Sprinklers

– Impact Rated Shutters

– Water Heaters



– Single Family Homes

– Townhomes

– Duplexes

– Condos

– Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings