Based in South Florida, The Florida Contractors has built projects from Key West to Jacksonville, wherever our clients needs are. Our team consists of highly skilled, veteran experts that have the capability to offer a range of services throughout preconstruction and construction periods.

The combined experienced of our Florida certified Building Contractors, Mold Inspectors, Insurance Appraisers, Plans Examiners, and Structural Engineers enables us to offer the following services:



Building permits are required by almost every city or county in the United States in order to construct or alter a building or structure. In Florida, building permits are a way for our local government to ensure the safety of a structure. That it is built by licensed and insured contractors, and that the building codes are adhered to.

A permit search, or obtaining a permit or can be very frustrating. Because of The Florida Contractors detailed, and efficient department coordination, we can personally hand deliver all the paperwork needed to expedite the permitting process.

Visit our permitting services for a pre-purchase permit search, or to expedite a permit for a residential or commercial project.


Inspections and Reports

We offer several inspection services, residential or commercial that are key to protecting your investment.

  • Wind Mitigation
  • Home Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Four Point Inspections
  • Property Condition Analysis

For information on our thorough inspection process, please visit our inspection services.


Custom Housing

Building your custom home is a direct reflection of who you are, and is one of the most enjoyable experiences in a lifetime. Our professional design team works one-on-one with clients in order to incorporate your unique vision, style and taste into the home building process while complimenting your budget. So whether you are building a 2,000-square-foot home or a large luxury estate, our team of architects, contractors and designers are dedicated from designing the blueprints down to the last drop of paint.

Check out our Custom Housing page to find out more information.



After a disaster strikes your business or home, it may seem impossible to reverse the damage caused. However, after the smoke has cleared and the water recedes, The Florida Contractors can restore your home or commercial property to its previous condition.

Restoration Services include:

Fire damage and smoke damage repair

Water damage and restoration of structure

Wind and Storm damage to roofs, fences and structure

Flood damage

General contracting


Improvements and Upgrades

Check out our restoration page to find out more information.



We all have areas that may better suit us if we make changes to it. You may want to add an extension to the house, convert the garage to an office, or convert a parking lot to a strip mall. By remodeling those areas into something that makes more use, you can increase lots of value to the property. Use the professionals, and make sure it’s done right and to the proper code. If you have been thinking of doing some remodeling, go to our remodeling page and find out more information.



Everyone has some ideas of things they want to add or build. If you are looking at getting a design created, we can draft it out, measure out the exact parameters, make sure it will be built to code, and give you an exact estimate of what you can expect for costs. Before you go and hire a contractor, its good to have the design completed by a Plans Examiner and know exactly the costs. If you want us to create a custom design for you, please visit our design page for more information.